Digital Identity & CustomerTech in Real Estate

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<strong>What if consumers managed their own digital identities? How would that change the real estate ecosystem and can ConsumerTech deliver BILLIONS annually in consumer savings?</strong><br> + + + <br><br> Last year, RE2020 used to invite both consumers and real estate innovators to cocreate the agenda for our first experimental real estate unconference in Boston. <br><br> That event took months to plan and proposed sessions across Top 20 categories. In contrast, this pop-up event is being produced in 24 hours and we'll meet offline from 4-9pm at CIC in Cambridge, MA. We'll focus on Digital Identity and CustomerTech in Real Estate with special guest Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy, see @DSearls on Twitter. <br><br> Like our original unconference, we're asking participants online / offline to: <br> <ul> <li>1. Vote for topics they'd like to see discussed in 15 minute flash sessions; </li> <li>2. Propose sessions or demos related to digital identity and CustomerTech, </li> <li>3. Seed working groups by topic and help crowdfund solutions. </li> </ul> <br> This event is the second in a series of quarterly events before the National Association of Realtors hosts their first annual convention in Boston, November 2018. <br><br> By inviting consumers -- from homebuyers to sellers as well as renters and roommates -- to collaborate with thought leaders, consumer advocates, app builders, and real estate innovators, RE2020 hopes to disrupt the existing real estate industry and cocreate an open ecosystem capable of delivering $30 billion annually in consumer savings by the year 2020. <br><br> You can help make progress towards that goal by sharing your "votes" and comments via Facebook or other social media using the hashtag #RE2020. Follow @RealEstateCafe as we release more Top 20 categories during future events and other programming.<br><br>

Contenders list: Intro to CustomerTech, VRM & Customer Commons, HousingID: Leveraging digital identity to deliver savings, Blockchain in RE: What's real, possible short-term, long-term, That's creepy: Predictive analysis & predatory real estate, Beyond Coming Soon: How IntentCasting will change RE, Will #FakeBuyerAgents create opportunity for First Terms in Real Estate?, Castle Doctrine: Protecting real estate consumers in DysTrumpian era, Digital Identity & the emerging real estate ecosystem, Health & Housing Data: Opportunities & privacy concerns, From #AgencyFraud to Smart Disclosures & Information Fiduciaries, Internet of ME: Why data ownership matters in RE, IoT & Race to Control the SmartHome Dashboard, reVRM Minifesto: 22 Idea Starters / Game Changers, Monetize this! New Deal on Real Estate Data, Privacy, disclosures & UMA (User Managed Access) in RE, User Data Manifesto 2.0: Implications for Real Estate, Other.

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