IPS 2018 Poster Competition

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Poll for IPS 2018 poster session

Contenders list: PA-01. Cosmological simulation with dust evolution, PA-02 New Insights Into Diffusive Shock Acceleration, PB-03. Frustration in aperiodic hexagonal mechanical metamaterials, PB-04. Thermal transport in dispersive luttinger liquids, PB-05 Wide field imaging of superconducting vortices using Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamonds, PB-06 Guided Dipolar Exciton Polaritons, PB-07. Determine the current phase relation of an unconventional Josephson junction, PB-08 Local view of superconducting fluctuations, PB-09 Low temperature divergence in the AHE and AMR of ultra-thin Pt/Co/Pt trilayers, PB-10 Rashba and Ising superconductors, PB-11 Mean field theory of the magnetic phase diagram of multiferroic MnWO4, PB-12 Effects of Extreme Electric Field on Copper Electrode Surface, PB-13 Correcting for FEL Magnetic Field Distortions: The Method of Bilinear Shimming, PB-14 Immiscible Cu alloys effects on radiation induced creep, PB-15 Irradiation-induced metal-insulator transition in monolayer graphene, PB-16 In- and out-of-phase mechanisms of energy dissipation in current-carrying type-II superconductors embedded into ac magnetic field, PB-17 Glass-like relaxation dynamics following the metal to insulator transition of VO2, PB-18 Dynamically Induced Topology in the Fermi Sea, PB-19 Effect of Time dependent potentials on mesoscopic transport, PB-20 Effects of Extreme Electric Field on Copper Electrode Surface, PC-21. Towards First Operation of a Hybrid e-gun at Ariel University, PC-22. RF-Carpets for Exotic Nuclei: Design, Simulation and Measurements, PC-23 Effective field theory in finite volume, PC-24 Weak interaction studies at SARAF, PD-25 Crystal growth processes on amorphous substrate, PD-26 Dynamics of coupled degenerate parametric oscillators beyond coupled Ising spins, PE-27 Computer Visualization Projects for Physics Education, PF-28 Contrast Enhancement of Intense Laser Pulses with Plasma Mirrors, PF-29 The Electrical Fingerprints of Plasma Assisted Combustiuon, PF-30 Fowler-Nordheim Emission in a Time-Varying Field and its Application for a THz Radiation Source, PF-31 Laser Acceleration of Ions at a high repetition rate, PG-32 Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer, PG-33 Entanglement Negativity in Disordered Quantum Systems, PG-34 Splitting the NLS breather by an emerging localized potential, PG-35. Isomerizations of the isolated Retinal Chromophore, PG-36 Imaging of Individual localized modes in 1D Random Laser, PG-37 Thermalization and Bose-Einstein condensation of photons in everyday fibers, PG-38 Light Harvesting in the Deep Ocean – Tuning Energy Transfer Efficiency in Marine Cyanobacteria in Response to Light Intensity, PG-39 Spin echoes in disordered Hubbard models, PG-40 Negative charge enhancement of near-surface nitrogen vacancy centers by multicolor excitation, PG-41 Shaping of Light in Multimode Optical Fibers by External Perturbations, PG-42 Beyond Adiabatic Elimination in Topological Floquet Engineering, PG-43 BGU 171Yb Optical Lattice Clock, PG-44 Planar optical waveguides activated with inorganic lead-halide perovskite nanoplatelets, PG-45 Passive optical time-of-flight for Non line-of-sight localization, PG-46 Momentary existence of a particle along a path never traversed?, PG-47 Structure and processes with pionic atoms, PG-48. Signatures of a counter-lasing transition in a cavity QED experiment, PG-49 Search for transient spin-dependent signals from ultralight Dark Matter fields, PG-50 Nonlinear Beam Shaping via the Nonreciprocal Geometric Phase in Sum Frequency Generation, PG-51 Robust Quantum Search by Landau-Zener Stueckelberg Oscillations, PG-52 Can we beat diffraction limit with quantum imaging?, PG-53 Role of static and dynamic polarization in Photoionization of Endohedrals, PG-54 Photon states encoded in polarization and picosecond time-bins, PG-55 Induced Transition In Bose Hubbard Model, PG-56 Bell vs. Galileo: the proof of the inequality clashes with the principle of relativity, PG-57 Towards homogeneous ultracold Fermi gas of 40K atoms, PG-58 Sensing chiral-induced magnetization in an integrated Nitrogen-Vacancy-based device, PG-59 Charge-resolved entanglement entropy and negativity after a local quench in a many-body system, PG-60 Realization of a $T^3$ Matter-Wave Interferometer on an Atom Chip, PG-61 Direct and cascaded collective nonlinear processes on metasurfaces, PG-62 Time Delay in Electron-C60 Elastic Scattering, PH-63 Measuring the Persistence Length of Single-Stranded DNA Using a DNA Origami Structure, PH-64 Optical Tuning of timescale seperation in non equilibrium steady states, PH-65 A theory of inference amid fixational drift explains the contrast paradox in vernier hyperacuity, PH-66 Magnetic Organization of Neural Networks via Micro-patterned Devices, PH-67 Orienting thin films of lamellar block copolymer: the combined effect of mobile ions and electric field, PH-68 Kinetically Constrained Model for GranularClogging, PH-69 Compression and shear forces drive robust organization of the hair cells in the inner ear, PH-70 Suppressed heating and pre-thermalization in chains of classical kicked rotors, PH-71 The polymerization of liquid oil polyhedra, PH-72 Chromatin dynamics governed by a set of nuclear structural proteins, PH-73 Motion of active tracer in lattice gas with cross-shaped particles, PH-74 Non-Equilibrium Radiative Heat Transfer, PH-75 Dipole Bound Clusters, PH-76 Understanding diffusion processes leads to an easy way for measuring tolerance in bacteria, PH-77 Percolation of the Vacant Sites in the Interlacement Problem, PH-78 Langevin model for non-Gaussian viscoelastic anomalous diffusion, PA 80 Core formation in dark matter holes and ultra diffuse galaxies.

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