Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards 2017 - Yacht & Marina Club in Asia

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Award Categories for Yacht & Marina Clubs in Asia. (1) Best Yacht & Marina Destination in Asia. (2) Outstanding Marina Facility in Asia (3) Outstanding Yacht & Marina Resort in South East Asia. (4) Best Marine Resorts Destination in Asia.

Contenders list: Republic Singapore Yacht Club, Raffles Marina Club, One 15 Sentosa, Club Marina Cove, Marina at Keppel Bay, SAF Yacht Club, Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club, Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Phuket Yacht Club, Subic Bay Yacht Club, Manila Yacht Club, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Ronautica Middle East, Bristol Middle East Yacht Solution, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort, Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Resort, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, Royal Perth Yacht Club, Cairns Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

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